Dr Prerna Kohli - Psychologist Anger Management Counselling
Dr Prerna Kohli – Psychologist Anger Management Counselling


Anger management is training for temper control and is the skill of remaining calm. It has been described as deploying anger successfully.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, but sometimes it can become overwhelming and turn into an anger management problem. People develop anger management problems for different reasons. Sometimes it is due to their parents having the problem and the child learns the parents’ habits. Other times, it is because the parents don’t teach their children how to express anger, then the child doesn’t have a healthy example of what to do when feelings of anger arise. Anger management problems may also surface when an individual is under a great deal of stress and feels that they have to take drastic actions in order to be noticed and get help.

Some of the symptoms of ANGER MANAGEMENT

  • Breaking things

  • Banging doors excessively

  • Feeling of tingling

  • Reacting violently or dramatically to minor problems

  • Lack of Sleep

If you or some you know is suffering from Anger Management issues, please consult with an experienced psychologist.